Dental clinic experience at Central Smile on QRC

So I went for a consultation at Central Smile today at Manning House on Queen’s Road Central this morning and thought I’d share my experience with you guys.


This is the first thing I see when the elevator opens. A totally bright, nice and clean visual here. The space is spacious! Very positive already.

I actually followed Dr. Derek Baram to this dental clinic. I used to go to another one in World Wide House, which is also in Central. But in terms of the environment, I have to say this one wins, no doubt.


This is the seating area directly opposite to the reception desk. Looking cozy with all these couch and plush chairs.


So I sat down at one of the chairs and start filling the form for my first visit. Even the pen that they use are very nice and weighty. I almost want to ask them can I take the pen home. LOL


While I am waiting I got myself some water to drink. Look at this cute little pantry they have. They even have some NEOM candles and products from the Grown Alchemist.



This is the other side of the waiting area, with high tables and high chairs. I think it looks kind of like a co working space here, doesn’t it? (see my co working space in Hong Kong review here.)


Only 1 minute after I filled the form, a nurse came out to fetch me to the dental treatment room already which I am very happy about because I have been to a few other dental clinics and they always make me wait for like 20mins even I have an appointment. Sometimes, I really don’t get what is the point of having an appointment if I can’t see the doctor on time. Let me know what you guys think in the comment box below!


The dental treatment room overlooks the bustling Queen’s Road Central street view. The assistant took many photos of my teeth with a DSLR and did a panoramic 3D scan.



I was quite surprised to see that they use Alienware laptop at the clinic! If you don’t know what Alienware is, it is a professional gaming laptop with excellent graphic display. So I wasn’t expecting the dentist to use a gaming laptop, which is quite funny.



Then, I was taken to the X-ray room for some Xray. Where I need to take off all jewelry from above my neck.

That that was it for the consultation for Invisalign. I just need to wait for the result in a few weeks’ time.

On my way out, I found that they even have an area for kids which is a small play room. How cute is this? I guess it is because they have dentists that are specialized in child patients so they have this play room for them to wait in. Even the small bench for parents to sit looks very nice.


I was lead to another side of the seating area while I am waiting for them to prepare my bill.

That’s all! I hope this is helpful for those of you considering going to visit Central Smile or is looking for a nice centrally located dental clinic on Queen’s Road Central.

This post was not sponsored. : ) Hope it helps!


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