Coworking space Review | Nakedhub on Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan

I am sure you guys would have heard of Nakehub if you are in the startup scene here in Hong Kong.


First of all, Location. It’s right on Bonham Strand. The location of Nakedhub in Sheung Wan is it is only about 4 mins walk from Sheung Wan exit A. There are also a lot of eateries and coffee shops around there, which is great! I always take the surrounding area in consideration when choosing a co-working space, because after all you are likely to spend most of your days in the office area, working hard on your project.


I like the location a lot, it is walking distance to Central but not at the heart of Central. What does that mean, you may ask? It means that you don’t need to pay for overpriced meals but you can get to meetings in Central on foot. You can also have the options to take the tram to other Hong Kong island area with only HKD$2.6. How cool is that?

naked hub sheung wan sitting area

Onto the interior, the space is quite well designed (actually looks very similar to We Work) and it looks quite cool and youthful. It offers an overall upbeat and fun vibe.


However, I would recommend private offices rather than hot desks for this particular co-working space. Because they have installed all the private offices along the window side, so the hot desks area has no access to windows and the big communal table / hot desk area is surrounded by all the private offices.

I personally prefer to be able to access windows, daylight and bright environment seem to make me more productive in some way.

The floor right above the reception is also a hotdesk area but it can get very noisy because of the duplex design. The two floors are connected with a staircase in the middle so the noise travelled up easily and people tend to have meetings and events on the reception floor so it gets quite noisy.

One thing I quite like is the size of their lockers. All of their lockers are very spacious, you can even fit an external computer screen in it if you want.

They also have a decent pantry with coffee, tea and free flow beer.




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