How to sooth itchy eyes with Japanese eyewash

Do you guys have this problem like me? I find my eyes very itchy after I remove my makeup, and after I wake up in the morning since I moved back to Hong Kong from the UK.

I was told by my facialist that it can be caused by not removing our makeup thoroughly. Because eye makeup easily fall into your eyes by accident and just by removing makeup using cotton pads just don’t do the trick. Of course, air pollution is one of the reason as well, especially if you live in a big bustling city like Hong Kong where you are exposed to polluted air all the time!




So after I discovered about this product, I have been using it daily ever since! And it really helps to soothe my eye and reduce the frequency of rubbing my eyes. Rubbing your eyes are really bad for your skin because the skin around your eye areas is so delicate it increases the wrinkles! I can tell personally, that on the days that my eyes are more itchy than normal the lines around my eyes are also more prominent and serious! Scary, right?


Watch the video below to find out how it works with the Japanese eyewash! It literally washes your eyeballs! But, it is really not as scary as it sounds! If you have the same issues as I do, do give this a try! I highly recommend this! Such a life saver!

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      1. I used to follow a schedule, but then why kill the pleasure of a hobby? I am feeling fairly conflicted right now haha It depends whether you see this a hobby or a future income generating platform for you?


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