RECLASSIFIED: Quality candle brand from Shanghai| Who knew Chinese make such nice candles!

I just returned from Shanghai, where I spent 9 days there because my boyfriend was staying there 4 weeks for work, so I went to visit.

Since he is at work during the day, I just walk around on my own. I started art jamming on the 4/F at Reel department store 芮歐百貨 in Jingan area. And, that’s where I discovered this brand!

Reclassified candle review.png

Reclassified has a really polished and stylish branding, which caught my eyes when I was on my way to the art jamming studio. Their packagings are very nice and minimalist, no less than big brands like my favorite Diptyque or Jo Malone!

I spoke to the SA there, and she told me the brand is from Shanghai and they have stores all over China. They offer perfume, home fragrance, car frangrance, candles, perfumed hair mist and even face masks.

I really like woody fragrances, so I picked up a woody candle named “Vatican library” (RMB 210), which has cedarwood, rose, lavender and patchouli. My boyfriend and I both quite like it, I think it is a fragrance that pleases both male and female. It set a really nice atmosphere for reading and quiet time for yourself.

If you ever go to China, do look for this store!



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