Review | Bumble and Bumble | Soft, sea-tossed hair travel set


I have written about getting my hair cut in my favorite hair salon in Paris in my previous blog post, and the salon uses Bumble and Bumble products which is very hard to find in Paris.


I instantly fell in love with the Hairdresser’s invisible oil after my stylist used it on my hair. It made my hair smell gorgeous, also soften it while protecting it from blow drying and heat treatment. Use it every time before blow drying or styling to protect your hair from heat and UV.

bb hairdresser's invisible oil heat:UV protective primer.png

After that visit, the Hairdresser’s invisible oil primer has been on my wish list, because now that my hair is (finally) longer, I can curl them with curling tong to create my favorite soft wave look again!

loose wave for angular face | followmeesh.png

I have quite an angular face shape (thanks to my dad), so the loose wave style is my favorite, as it helps to soften my face shape.

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I really miss styling my hair and to make it in a beachy wave kind of look because it makes me feel really feminine and gives me an extra boost of confidence as well. 🙂 Nothing beats the feeling of feeling beautiful!bb-soft-sea-tossed-hair-travel-set-followmeesh-recommends

I end up getting this soft, sea-tossed hair travel set £20 instead of the oil primer when I got to the Bumble and Bumble counter at Boots, l, because when I got there I realize how big the full-size Hairdresser’s invisible oil primer is (250ml). As I am relocating back to Hong Kong in a few months, I don’t want to add any more weight to my luggage and then I discover this travel set.

surf infusion followmeesh .png


The Surf infusion spray was also on my wish list because I want to try to make my hair wavy without any further heat damage. This product does exactly that, I would spray my 90% dried hair with this stuff and tie it into a ballerina bun. When it dries, just take it off and shake it then you will get that beach wavy hair! No heat needed. Of course that’s not going to look as va-va-voom as if you have used the curling iron, but I cannot afford to heat treat my hair everyday as I have bleached my hair not long ago.


The only product I feel like I can have or not have was the Prêt-à-powder, as I have always been using the drugstore Batiste dry shampoo £3 and I feel like it doesn’t take an expensive one to do the job of absorbing oil and creating volume.

For the amount of product you get, the price is quite good, with £20 you get 3 small products. If you are looking to create a look, you will need more than one product anyways.

If you have been reading my blog you will notice that I love a good mini / travel set because I am always on the go / traveling and I feel like you get more bang for your buck from those mini sets. You can read about my Benefit pick-your-own minis here, where with £15 you get 4 small products!


The Hairdresser’s oil primer and the Surf infusion spray are both housed in spray bottle, only the Prêt-à-powder is in a small plastic bottle with a small hole in the center and you need to sprinkle them on the top of your head to create that volumized look. Which is slightly different packaging then the usual dry shampoo that I have used (Frederick Fekkai and Batiste).

How to use –

You just need to spray the primer oil after you towel dry your hair and before blow drying, then when it’s 70%-80% dried spray the surf infushion all over then use a diffuser to dry your hair; or wait util it is 80%-90% dried, spray and tie into a bun. When it’s done sprinkle some powder on your roots and shake it out. Et viola, beachy wavy hair!





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