Where to get your hair done in Paris – with really good stylist who speaks English!

To me, finding a great stylist is so important, it is even harder than to find the perfect pair of jeans that hugs all the right spots.

Also, if you bought a pair of jeans and it looks bad on you, at least you can throw it away or return it. But, if you have got a bad haircut, it takes months to grow back!

I have had bad haircuts before just like all of you did. Oh goodness! When I have got a bad haircut, I feel horrible every day! I just want to stay home or wear a hat whenever I need to go out. I remember one summer when I was still in school, I had a really bad haircut. When school semester starts I had to drag myself to class, because we were not allowed to wear any hats to class in my school. Whenever people look at me I feel like they must be staring at my hideous haircut! And I got really stressed out going to class.

Since then, I always take extra caution whenever I try a new hair salon and I always try to research and find reviews about the salon before I make my first appointment with them.


Today, I want to share with you a hair salon in Paris that I really like. This is Messieurs-Dames. I have been to this salon multiple times when I was studying in France and I have been there again last month when I was there to spend my summer holiday.

They have staff that speaks English, which gives it extra bonus point as not many salons have English speaking staff in Paris.

If you don’t speak French, ask for Yumi when you make an appointment, as she really good in English.


I like to bring a photo with me whenever I go there, so it’s easier to explain what you are looking for. Plus, I actually forgot to ask for Yumi when I made my appointment, so I had to use my not-so-fluent French to communicate what I really what and I was just glad that I got some reference with me.

new hair cut.JPG

I love my new haircut! my stylist did a great job in shaping my fringe, it hits all the right spots and made my face a lot slimmer and they fall perfectly around my face when I pull a simple ponytail. I just love it! I wish I can have my hair cut there all the time. Too bad I don’t live in Paris anymore!

Update – 2 months later, my hair is still amazing, it grows out beautifully and it is so easy to maintain on a day to day basis. You know sometimes you came out of the salon with fabulous hair but then you are unable to recreate that look on your own because it requires a lot of styling skills? This is totally easy to maintain kinda look.



The salon is also stocked with cult hair products – Bumble & Bumble, which is very hard to find in Paris. My stylist used the Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s invisible oil heat / UV protector on me and I absolutely love it.


Because I visited the salon just a few days before they are closed for summer vacation,(Yes! The french would close their store for 6-8 weeks in the summer to enjoy their summer holiday.) I had to call multiple times just to reach them because they were super busy!

So, make sure that you call to make a reservation, the salon can be quite full and it is definitely risky to pop in without any prior booking as all their stylist take their time to perfect your haircut!

And if time allows, make sure you save an afternoon to walk around the area! There are a lot of chic and very Parisian individual boutiques! If you are looking for an affordable leather jacket, you have to visit Serge Pariente store which is just around the corner of the salon!

Address –

5 rue Charles-François Dupuis et 8 rue de la Corderie

Paris, France
Tel – +33 1 42 71 29 60

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