I tried Eylure Pro-lash individual semi permanent lashes. Here is what happened.

First of all, I am obsessed with long and fluttery lashes. Who wouldn’t? Lashes play such a big part of my everyday makeup look. So I am always on the hunt for the best mascara or the most natural looking falsies on the market.

I recently came across this eyelash brand Eylure from the UK, the brand itself has over 60 years of experience in producing lashes and brow related products. So, I thought let’s give it a go.

I bought two items from them last week. One is the Pro-lash individual semi permanent lashes (£4.54), the other one is just the normal strip lashes.


Today I am going to talk about the Pro-lash individuals. When I discovered this product, I thought “Oh my god! Genius!”. I am always tempted to have lash extensions done in beauty salon, but I never really take the plunge to do it because I know I will have to return to the salon a few weeks later to neither remove them, or have the lashes done once again. Same reason as in why I don’t really like gel nail color. It’s the fact that you cannot remove it easily at home. You always have to go back to the salon to re-do the same thing or have them remove it for you.


Same reason as in why I don’t really like gel nail color. It’s the fact that you cannot remove them easily at home. You always have to go back to the salon to re-do the same thing or have them remove it for you.

But the Eylure Pro-lash individual has everything that I want. You can have the lash extension effect, without getting to the salon. You can also remove them whenever you want because the kit comes with a super lash glue, and a remover liquid so you can remove them whenever you want! How genius is that!

The style I picked is the one that comes with short, medium and long lashes. Each of them is a little knotted bundle.


Now let’s talk about how I get on with them. Shall we?

Other then lashes, it comes with a small tube of super glue and another tube of remover. In this comes in different length in this kit. But there are many other different varieties to choose from. You can find out here.

What you will need are a tweezer, a small piece of tin foil and some cotton buds, in case you make any mess / mistakes you can clean up straight away before the super glue sets.

On application 

I struggled to apply the first few of the lashes, it took me somewhat 20-30 mins to put them all on as well. You will need to be super patient with the application. I was kind of exhausted after I have finished my first eye.

According to the instruction, I poured some super glue onto a tiny piece of tin foil so I can dip the knotted part of the lashes easily. I find the super glue sets really fast. So only pour a tiny bit everytime. Use the tweezer to hold the ends on the lashes because it will give you a more precise application.

The reason it took me so long to apply all of them even though I use fake lashes often is that it is hard to control the angle of the knotted lashes, to make sure the curl is placed in a upward position and sits as close as your natural lashes as possible.

The amount of glue is also very important. It is quite tricky indeed. If you use too little, it doesn’t hold, if you use too much  it will leave you with a clear colored lump on your lash line which results in unnatural finished look. I find it difficult to find the right balance.



So after a long struggle, this is how my lashes look. In my experience, this set of short, medium and long lashes is not great for Asian. The long lashes there are way too long for me, I trimmed it on my own for about 1/3 and they are still too long for my eye proportion. The medium length ones are already long enough for the  ends of my eyes to create that flared look.


First impression – the new “Luxe Mink effect eyelashes” from Eylure London

I had them on for 3 days and 2 nights.

After the second day, I want to remove them already, because they cause so much inconvenience for me on a daily basis. But for the sake of this experiment, I kept them on for 3 and a half days in total.

First of all, I don’t think I did a really good job of applying them. I have applied too much glue on some of the lashes I when I look closely some clear glue lumps are visible. Not a nice look. I also find that it doesn’t give me the natural look that I am after. I wanted them to look “I am born with long lashes” but no, this isn’t the case. It actually looks quite dramatic. It could be because the length is not right for me.

The main factor, is the inconvenience that they bring. I find it is really hard to shower, to wash you face, apply face cream and to remove makeup. Because you cannot directly wipe or massage your face as usual. if you move your hand across your eyes as normal, the falsies will be pulled against your eyelids and create a tearing sensation.

Since I have these semi-permanent falsies on, I have only applied a light wash of eyeshadow and some soft kohl eyeliner. But when it comes to removing them it is difficult to remove all of them completely. The powder or eyeliner would get stuck in between the lashes. And every time you remove makeup it takes much longer time because you will need to use a cotton bud dipped in some remover to sweep across your eyelid light-handedly so it doesn’t get pulled and hurt.

I also have trouble wearing eye mask at night and wearing sunglasses, as the lashes are too long, they poke at the sunglasses lenses and when I wear the eye mask at night it is very uncomfortable.

When removing them after 3 days.

Oh goodness! This is the worse part of the experience. The remover stings so much, I can barely open my eyes! Very irritating and it is very difficult to remove them even I soaked the whole cotton bud with the remover. I was stuck for 25 mins trying to remove each of them carefully. You cannot rush this because you will end up removing your own lashes as well! (Which is my worst nightmare.) The most horrifying thing is that I find the remover actually removes my nail polish on my finger! It is that strong and aggressive. How can this solution be applied on eyes? I now realize how come it stings so much, because it is almost like applying nail polish remover to your eyes!

If you decided to give this a go, be prepared to be very patient and also to lose some of your own lashes. It is almost inevitable, no matter how careful or gentle you are while removing them. Yes, it is pretty to wake up to full and fluttery lashes in the morning but I just don’t find the effort is worth it.


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