Review | Eylure Mink Effect lashes in Solitaire


I admit that I have an obsession with Boots. Everytime I aimlessly go inside and thought I’d just browse and kill some time I ended up buying something! Can anyone relate to this??

I went in there the other day (aimlessly). Again, I got caught with the 3 for 2 promotions. As I was trying out different false lashes and mascaras recently, to prepare for my photoshoot in London with my boyfriend. I wanted to be as picture perfect as possible as I am going to do my own makeup on the day.


So when I saw this new product line “Luxe” from Eylure London, I thought I would give it a shot. These are called “mink effect” false lashes (£9.95 at Boots).

Mink eyelashes are said to look really “real” because the materials are so lightweight and soft. These are only “mink-effect”, not using actual mink fur, so they are synthetic and cruelty-free. They look luxurious from the box, even the packaging screams luxury, with gold lettering on the box.

I tried the Eylure Semi-permanent individual lashes. Here is how it goes. 


However, when I took them out of the box I immediately notice something different from the regular Eyelure lashes. The bands are a lot darker and thicker than their regular ones. I can imagine the reason being that is the feathery materials are so fine that it needs a stronger hold in the bands.

But the feathers are really soft and tapered in the end, also looking really fine. I think it would be perfect if the band isn’t so thick. I really wanted to love this pair of lashes as they are so luxurious and the feathers are so fine.


This is shown on the back of the box and on their website. But I think in real life the band look a lot more dark and noticeable.


After using them for two days, I don’t think I really like the look on my face. (Sorry guys I forgot to take a photo and I have already discarded them during my trip.) I think they don’t really suit my Asian eyes, I am better off with the normal eyelashes for sure. Because my crease area is not that wide, so the thick band is taking up too much space above my lashline, it doesn’t look good on me. The thicker and darker band is really obvious when put on and I am looking for a really natural finish.

Have any of you tried this “Luxe mink effect” eyelashes from Eyelure yet? What do you girls think of them?

If you have found other mink effect lashes that have a thinner band, please leave a comment down below and let me know!


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