The 3 beauty items you need to hack a hangover

Last night was so much fun, the only thing is now you woke up and feel like you have been hit by a train?

I know you feel like sh*t, but you don’t need everyone on the street to know that. So, grab a cup of coffee and a banana (for a great source of potassium). Let’s crack on!


Wait. You haven’t showered yet? Alright. Just spray on some dry shampoo, and let it work on the roots while you read this.

how to hide a hangover - conceal your dark circles followmeesh.png

1. Conceal your puffy eyes and dark circles.

You only had 3 hours sleep, and your dark circles and eye bags are showing. Use this simple but effective hack for puffiness, stick two metal spoons in the freezer while you get dressed and then press it against your eyes. It will reduce the puffiness immediately.Then put on some

For dark circles? Cold tea bags will do. Then just put on some concealers. Dark circles are not cute on anyone unless you are a panda.

My recommendation? Nars creamy concealer. It doesn’t crease under the eye and is easy to blend with a beauty blender or just use your fingers.


2. Put on some power red lips

I recommend a bright red color, because when you have red lips on, everyone would just focus on your lips. Red lipstick draws people’s attentions to your lips. Red lips also convey confidence and strength. Never underestimate the power of red lipstick. Seriously. When in doubt, wear red.

On the side note. I also wear red lipstick when I have a small zit on my face  (around that time of the month….)because red lips draw all attentions to the lips so no one would notice my zit at all! Genius, isn’t it?


My recommendation? Clinique pop lip colour + primer in passion pop.

Screen Shot 2016-10-09 at 00.08.08.png

3. Wear over-sized sunglasses for added glamour.

Just look at Victoria Beckham, who always have shades on whenever spotted. I personally always have my sunnies with me. UV rays are no good for your eyes anyways, prevention is key! As Victoria says in the latest British Vogue, “Wear sunglasses a lot. Even inside. They turn a nothing outfit into something quite pulled together and cool”.

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