Rimmel Kate Gel eyeliner 005 emerald

Rimmel London’s Kate Gel eyeliner review

This eyeliner from Rimmel London’s Kate Gel eyeliner in 005 emerald £6.99  is housed in a plastic little pot and even comes with a liner brush, which is nice and handy.

Rimmel Kate Gel eyeliner 005 emerald.png

First of all, I think the package is a little cheap looking, I think mainly because of the plastic material. It doesn’t feel sturdy or weighty, so I guess good if you are going to put it in your purse and bring it out. It’s not heavy at all.

rimmel kate gel eyeliner

When it comes to the actually product, this Rimmel gel eyeliner is quite good in terms of quality and pigment.

This 005 emerald colour is a very deep green almost resembles black when its indoor. The green is only noticeable when you are outdoor or under really bright light. At least my boyfriend said so, it is not noticeable that its green. He said he can only tell its green (indoor) after I told him. LOL So, yea! It is not that green, if you are looking for a pop of colour, this is not the product you will want to use.

swatch rimmel kate eyeliner 005
Rimmel London’s Kate gel eyeliner in 005 Emerald under  bright light.

In terms of pigment and lasting power, it is quite impressive! It stays where it is for the whole day, without smudging. It is very pigmented, you only need to apply once.

swatch 005 rimmel eye liner
Rimmel London’s Kate gel eyeliner 005 emerald under normal light.

It is not the easiest to use though, not for beginners at least. But it would be fine for anyone who has used a gel eyeliner before. It’s nice that it comes with a brush but I would recommend that you use your own if you have one, since the brush is not very well made and it’s difficult to create a shape line towards the end of the cat flicks. It is better for creating thicker eyeliner look.

One minor that then bothers me is that sometimes the product gets clump on the brush and you need to smooth it out on a tissue first, before apply. Also you will have to wash your brush every time after you use it because otherwise the leftover product gets dried on the brush then you can use it.

wash test rimmel gel eyeliner

It is very waterproof, it doesn’t even move or smudge under water.

rub and wash rimmel gel eyeliner

It only moves very little when I rubbed hard twice.

With this price, I think it is a good product with long lasting power and its highly pigmented. You will need a good remover which is especially made for eye makeup (such as the ones with dual actions like Neutrogena’s Oil free eye makeup remover).

Comment below if you have tried this product before or if you are considering to purchase this product! : )




2 thoughts on “Rimmel London’s Kate Gel eyeliner review

  1. I have just bought this product for a bargain price of £1, I agree that the quality of this product is fabulous. I put it on the back of my hand and even after washing my hands the product kept its solid colour. Wish I had bought more. Only 2 left on the shelf.


    1. omg £1 where?! What colour did you get? black? It is so long lasting! I ended up not using it that often though because I am not so use to this kind of creme liner and I am super skilled at using those Japanese liquid liner pen because they allow me to create a very fine line. Have you always been preferring cream or gel liner?


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