after my brow wax at benefit. before and after

Brow wax experience at Benefit brow bar, Debenhams Newcastle

Last month, I have received Benefit’s goof proof brow pencil, which I have reviewed in my previous post. Along with the brow pencil, I have also got a card that gives me the second brow wax free when I pay full price for the first one. So it’s basically a 2 for 1 deal.benefit brow bar newcastle debenhams

To be honest, I wouldn’t really consider going to Benefit’s brow bar for my brow wax if I haven’t got this 2-for-1 deal. Mainly because the price is higher than any other beauty salon in my area, and you don’t get to sit in a room for the treatment. You will just be sitting on a high chair in the middle of a department store’s cosmetic department. Like, all passers-by will be able to see you while you’re getting your brows done.

benefit brow wax review

The first time I had a brow wax & tint. I was only planning to get my brow wax in the beginning, but then the girl who took my booking over the phone told me that if I get my brows tined, I will get a better result. I went for it of course. *rolling my eyes* I always cannot resist this kind of upselling.

Did I like it? Well the first time was ok, like, average. I didn’t think the tint was needed at all. Mainly because my brows are dark, and I can’t see any difference after the tint so I think it is just a waste of money for me to get them tinted. I think the girl just tried to upsell me for the sake of it. I wouldn’t say my first experience was great because the shape is not arch enough to my liking, and I have made it clear that I like it arched. My brow stylist was also quite heavy handed when pulling the strips of wax, so it left my right eye eyelid irritated and appears smaller for the next 10 days….. It was annoying to have one eye visibly smaller than the other when you’re doing your makeup. My eyeliner wouldn’t show when I open my right eye.

Dean at benefit brow bar newcastle.JPG


The photos I post here were taken during my second visit. My second visit are actually way better than the first. I only had a brow wax the second time, my brow stylist this time is a guy. His name is Dean and he does a really nice job!

after my brow wax at benefit. before and after

I came out with really nice arched brow and a really natural looking finish. He was also a lot more gentle than the first stylist. My eyes have no problem or any irritation at all. I really love Dean’s take on my brow! He only used “Gimme Brow” on me and it gives such a nice natural look! Even the review from Paula’s choice has rated it 5 out of 5 stars, which is really rare.

result benfit brow bar experience brow wax

Dean also told me that Glamour magazine Aug 2016 issue is giving out a mini size “Gimme Brow“, which is the product he used on me in the photo above. So I went to grab one of those magazine straight away. But it only comes in the lightest and darkest shade. If you want to grab one of these freebies along with the magazine. Make sure you check out the number of the shade, it is printed on the top of the box. No. 1 is the lightest color and No. 5 is the darkest. You can check out the shades here.

I will do a detailed review about “Gimme brow” in the next post as well.



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