online purchase creme de la mer and the refining facial

Crème De La Mer The Refining Facial


online purchase creme de la mer and the refining facialAfter my morning yoga at home today, I finally opened my brand new La Mer refining facial. I actually got the package a week ago, but I have been waiting for the “right” moment to open it. Crazy right? I know! *v* I just think that this package is such a precious gift to myself.

la mer the refinning facial review


What can I say? I fell in love with it the first time I use it! It feel so divine on my skin! Since it is with the new formula, the package also got an update! So much classier with the weighty silver screw cap! (Did I tell you I am a sucker for fancy package? I just really like my vanity table to look great and elegant!)

So what’s in the fancy tube? La Mer used fermented sea mud and pure diamond powder as the exfoliant to polish the skin. Luxurious!


Compare to the old formula (the one that has green screw top), this new formula is way better. It’s amazingggg! The old formula is great, but it has problems that many users experienced, which is the refining particles tend to stay  after you wash your face, and also leaves your face with a slight white cast. The new formula improves both of the issues, no white cast, and easier to wash off the particles.

When you squeeze it out it looks like this, with a refreshing smell, a little minty. To get the optimal result, it is best to have your face just slightly damp, just pat a little water with your fingertips on your dry face before you apply it, instead of splashing plenty of water to your face. You only need a little of this expensive La Mer The Refining facial, once you have moistened your face,move your fingers in a circular upward motion to lightly massage the face and leave it on for 3-5 mins for the fermented sea mud and pure diamond powder to work its magic, and then wash it off.

La Mer's refining facial on skin

You will feel your pores are tighter, smaller; your skin smoother and more translucent. This is my favorite product from La Mer so far, even more than the crème de la mer. Even my boyfriend complimented how great my skin looked afterwards that I did not even wear any tinted moisturizer or bb cream after using it!

Three weeks after using my La Mer The Refining Facial twice to 3 times a week, my skin is feeling fabulous, and it is an indulgent every time I use it. ❤

Although this La Mers The Refining Facial is pricey, this 100ml will last you at least half a year to 9 months given you use it once or twice a week. I think for the level of quality, it totally worth every penny.


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    1. Thank you! I really love their stuff. One way to try it without investing so much first is you can order it online and they will give you two samples, you can try the samples first, if you don’t like it you can just return the full size product they will give you a full refund. Althernatively just head to one of their counters and ask for a sample 🙂 We all deserves beautiful skin!

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