lush bubble bath bomb dragon egg

All things Lush – Dragon’s Egg bubble bath bomb

My love for LUSH is endless!

I mentioned about the cheapest place to get Lush products in Asia in an earlier post, read here. Since I have moved to the UK, I am even more addicted to Lush’s products, since it is where the brand originated. We have the best price in the UK.

After a long stressful day at work, I love coming home to a nice relaxing bath. This Dragon’s Egg is my recent favorite, it is full of  bergamot and citrusy scents, so creamy as well.

lush bath bomb

When you buy more than one bath bomb in LUSH, they always pack your bath bomb in individual paper bag with a label sticker on it. So that you know which is which when you get home.

lush bubble bath bomb dragon egg

Da-tah! This is how the Dragon’s Egg looks like, before we throw them into the bath tub.

lush bubble bom dragon egg in water See? So creamy! With colourful ribbons flowing out after the outter layer of  creamy foam have been dissolved.

lush dragons egg bath bomb in action

Beautiful golden amber color there, with very uplifting and refreshing scent and last quiet long.

This Dragon’s egg ballistic is not one of their usual colorful looking ones, it looks quiet plain and just white when you see it in store. I never imagined it to be so wonderful, I definitely can’t tell how cool this is before I actually put it in action!

This particular bath bomb is also taking longer than the other ones to dissolve, but its totally worth it! Especially we have an oversized bathtub, but it still managed to fill the whole tube full of goodness. If you have a regular sized bathtub I am sure it will be even more intense!


7 thoughts on “All things Lush – Dragon’s Egg bubble bath bomb

      1. Me too!! It was pretty good actually. I loved the scent and my skin was super soft but I noticed half way through that it had a very fine glitter in it. So I had to rinse off but it was still great. The best I’ve tried yet was called Avobath.


      2. Oh I have to try that then! I also dun really glitter, I dun want something that sticks on my body lol I’m glad I found someone who is also little obsessed with bath bomb from lush!

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      3. LOL I started this when I moved to the UK in the begining of this year! Because it’s so much cheaper than Hong Kong so I m trying so many of their bath bombs now! x

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