12 quality items every girl should have by 30


I was having dinner with my girlfriends last week, and compare to our early 20’s, we are now so much more at ease and so much more comfortable being ourselves, now that we are approaching the big number 30.

We are a lot more at ease, feeling great just being ourselves because we care less what other people think of us; we make more money and hold more important position in our jobs. Most importantly, we know how to navigate through life our own way.

Less is more – We no longer buy as many cheap and fast fashion, no more forever 21 dresses nor colourful Kate Spade and Juicy Couture; and more Chanel, Céline and Louboutins. What’s not to love?

Here are 12 items that I think are worth to invest in for a grown up wardrobe.

A pair of quality black leather pumps

“Good shoes take you to good places” ever heard of that?

So a pair of beautiful high heels will bring you to beautiful places. Invest in your basics.

“A woman with good shoes is never ugly” – Coco Chanel


Ballet flats

Then a practical and very Parisian ballet flats. Repetto would be my go to store, provides just enough toe cleavage! Otherwise, Anna Baiguera’s annette style is a great alternative, but the sole is rather thin. You might want to take them to the shoemaker to put on a thin rubber sole before your first wear to extend the life of your flats. 


A Forever classic bag

That would never go out of style and can be your future heirloom to pass down to your daughter and grand-daughter. (If you have or plan to have more than one daughter, you better expand your handbags collection now. Just saying. )


A pair of classic sunglasses

It gives you a sense of mysteriousness, covers your eye bags (from crying last night), dark circles and of course shields your eyes from the skin-damaging UV rays.


A perfect little black dress 

This needs no explanation I guess? There are pretty much no occasions where wearing a little black dress is in appropriate. (Except….weddings maybe?) Take your time to look for your LBD, the one for you should be fitting, and has a simple silhouette so you can style it however you want. Be it with flat, or heels; pairing with cardigan or trench coat.


A cashmere sweater

To keep you warm in the winter month, and to stay classic and polished. You can wear it alone, over a crisp white button down shirt, with jeans, or over your little black dress. However you want it. For classic cashmere sweater, J. Crew is your go-to place.


The perfect fitting pair of Jeans

Be it boyfriend, super skinny or boot cut, invest time to find one that hugs you perfectly and flatters your body shape.


White button down shirt

Super versatile yet sexy. Try Theory, Equipment, and Jil Sander.

Read here to see how I got mine at the men’s department! -Nice and cheap!


A luxe T-shirt

It’s all about the cutting and material. A plain colour luxe t-shirt certainly worth your investment, because there was never a time that t-shirt is out of style.


Silk Blouse

The way a silk blouse drapes around your body is so alluring yet understated! I recommend blouses from Maje and Sandro.


Trench coat

Keeps you warm and dry from the rain. The best? Makes you look so much more slender and elongate your body. Burberry trench coats are choice no. 1 of course, but there are a lot of other choices that cost less. Sadly, there is no more Blue label in Japan they use to sell trench coat in a much cheaper price. 😦



if you can only pick one colour, I would recommend neutrals, it goes with everything listed here – white shirt, black pumps, etc. Check out J. crew for some basic styles.


Extra – Your signature perfume  

Find a perfume that truly represent your style, your character, your inner-self.  Tired of those over the counter perfumes? You can mix your own signature fragrance, for example spraying one on top of the other.


Image source – Pinterest

One thought on “12 quality items every girl should have by 30

  1. *sigh* Many of my shoes are custom made. There’s no brand (high and low) that does my size for adult shoes. So frustrating. I’ve already passed that 30 mark and gave up on branded shoes.


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