feature image mansur gavriel

Review | Unbox Mansur Gavriel Mini backpack in Brandy


feature image mansur gavriel

After one whole year of lusting after this mini backpack from Mansur Gavriel. (I have a post here about how I got my hands on it finally.) My dear boyfriend was able to help me get one from their always-out-of-stock online store on the 10th May 11am EST. (click here to read about how to.) This particular style and material was sold out in 4mins!

And now, my long waited parcel has arrived! I have been waiting for this parcel to be delivered all day!

The Mansur Gavriel backpack is made with untreated vegetable raw leather, just like its name “raw” suggested, it is completely natural.The tag that is attached to the bag says “It will not remain pristine. Each abrasion is a memory that enriches the character of the product.”

mochi mansur gavriel mini backpack

Here is how the site describe their vegetable tan leather.

“Vegetable tanned leather will not remain pristine and sleek. It is completely natural, meaning it is naked, with no synthetic top finishes. scratching will occur. our natural colorways such as Cammello and Brandy will slowly darken over time due to exposure to the sun.”


The package comes with a lovely pink box with Mansur Gavriel’s logo on it. Looking clean and simple with a very feminine colour.

pinkbox mansur gavriel mini backpack

I have this grin on my face the whole time while I am unboxing it.

Mansur Gavriel Mini backpack in colour “raw/brandy” – full front and side.

Mansur Gavriel Mini backpack in colour “raw/brandy” – inside details.

mansur gavriel mini backpack gold lettering

Here is the bottom of the backpack, marked with gold lettering “Mansur Gavriel”, which is so pretty, subtle and chic. (Resembles my mini luggage from Céline though.)

fedexSide story – Mansur Gavriel uses Fedex to delivery all their goods, but Fedex did a horrible job in this particular shipment! Instead of delivering it to my address, they delivered my precious parcel to the tea room downstairs of my place and let a random staff there to sign for me while I was waiting inside of my apartment in the hour of delivery! Extremely disappointed in how they handle my delivery!

Anyhow, I am very satisfied with my purchase.


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