mansur gavriel

Finally, I have got my hands on the Mansur Gavriel backpack, before it was sold out in mere 4 mins!

This mini packback was sold out in mere 4 mins! I am so glad to share with you all that my boyfriend has managed to get it for me. I am just over the moon now.

Today, 10th May 2016 11am EST was the day Mansur Gavriel restock their simple yet very chic bags and after I have failed to get into the website last time they restock and got really frustrated ( here is my last blog post about failing to get the backpack that I want last time), this time I have finally got my hands on it! To be exact, it was my dear boyfriend who got it for me while I was slaving away at work.

mansur gavriel

I know from experience that their bags would sold out within minutes so I told my boyfriend what colours and sizes I want. I listed out a few colours that I like in case my most wanted colour “raw” sold out we still have something to fall back on.

So, he got two laptops ready in front of him before the hour, loaded with the page where the backpack section is. Before 11am EST time the page just show you this “SHOP RELAUNCH MAY 10 11AM EST”message, and when 11:00 arrives he refreshed the page a few times with both of the laptops and da-tah! He got it.

shop relaunch may10

He said when he got into the online shop page, all the colours there was available. The world is his! So he was able to get the mini backpack in colour “raw”, which is my number one most wanted from Mansur Gavriel.

Mini backpack Mansur Gavriel in Raw colour

The price for the mini backpack is $625 and the shipping cost is $75 for it to be Fedex to the United Kingdom. The shipping cost…. man, it’s steep! But it was so difficult to get our hands on it and so we thought about it for 2 seconds and went away with it. That was the end of it. Now I can’t wait to receive it! My long awaited Mansur Gavriel mini backpack in Raw! I will be sure to write an unbox post about it in a few days!

cart mansur gavriel

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