yuskinA review

Japanese Product Review | YuskinA Family Medical Cream | Must have for baby soft feet!

yuskinA review


If you are like me, wear heels a lot and tend to have dry feet during winter. You have to try this Japanese Family Medical cream with Vitamin E, B12 and Glycyrrhetinic Acid when you are in Japan or Taiwan! These ingredients act to heal, protect and hydrate your skin tremendously.

It doesn’t have a nice package, even this is a Japanese product. Maybe that’s why it says it’s a “family medical cream”. I am a sucker for fancy jars and packaging but this humble orangey plastic jar totally wins my heart I am telling you. It’s such a winter saviour! It has a sticking gooey texture, and has some kind of medicinal smell.

yuskina inside jar

Yup, not sexy at all. But it does the job very well. When you pick it up with your finger from the jar it might feels sticky and smell a little medicinal, but once you slather on your dry skin area. For example, my entire feet, elbows, etc It appears to be whitish for a minute and then it will disappear and you will feel deeply moisturized.

yuskin! texture

What I do is I slather on my feet after shower and before I go to bed, put on my cotton socks made for foot mask (you can use any cotton socks if you don’t have those at home) and go to bed. And you will wake up to baby soft happy feet! : )

wraped with yuskinA

You can get this cream in any pharmacy in Japan, it is super easy to find and very inexpensive. If you can’t be bothered searching every aisle of their gigantic pharmacies in Japan, you can always show the staff this photo and they will be able to help you locate it.

YuskinA medical cream


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