Tilbury's New Magic Trilogy

Review | Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Night Cream


Tilbury's new magic night cream-2So I have relocated to the UK and I have dived myself right into their beauty skincare scene here. I see Charlotte Tilbury everywhere here and the ladies are crazy about everything Charlotte. Their cosmetic counter just look like a million dollar backstage with everything in rose gold, looking glamorous.

Tilbury's New Magic Trilogy

So recently I picked up their Magic Night cream from Charlotte’s NEW Magic Skin Trilogy range, which Charlotte calls it her Instant Beauty Sleep in a Cream Elixir. It contains hyaluronic acid, patented peptides, time released Retinol and Vitamin E, some pretty impressive ingredients there! Plus, everything Charlotte is so luxurious looking, this cream is no exception, housed in a glass jar with a mirrored lid in rose gold!

Though this cream is not cheap, costing £100 for a 50ml jar, still less than my favorite Crème de la Mer which is £200 for a 60ml jar, but man it is still expensive! I was thinking with this kind of price tag and as its name “Magic Night Cream” suggests, it has to be really good. So how did it go? Well…. When I touched it with my finger, it feels really thick, kind of like crème de La Mer, but it has a tacky texture as you can imagine from the photo above (kind of like the Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream but not as tacky),  which I didn’t really like because of its tackiness when I applied on my face, I felt that it doesn’t sink into my skin even after 5 -10 mins I can still feel the cream sitting on my skin surface. I would consider this as a balm over a cream.

Anyhow, I thought never mind, let’s go to bed and see how it goes, because some night creams tend to take long to sink and feels heavy on the face, but when you wakeup you look beautiful and radiant! Except………… No it didn’t make me wake up looking beautiful and radiant, or least did not wow me like my La Mer. ( *cough* *cough* I have high expectations because of its claim and it’s £100 price tag. Nope. This did not wow me.)

Now I think about it, maybe this cream is meant for women with really mature skin? Because in the video above, Charlotte featured a mature woman in her official video introducing this cream. But then another question poped up in my head is, if most of Charlotte’s clients are models they shouldn’t be women with mature skin, right? : / That is a mystery.


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