675GBP Macmillan

6 stylish down jackets to look fab in freezing weather

Hello from the UK everyone! I have just relocated to the UK a week ago, and it is freezing and always raining / snowing!  So I thought I’d cover some heavy duty winter jacket here.

But quality winter coat are not cheap. The good news is……. that everything is on sale now. What better timing than now to shop for some big ticket items? I have come up with the

Canada Goose

Recently, I have this particular liking for their military camo color! Looking hot on both guys and girls. And as the name suggested, all of their items are made in Canada, unlike the ordinary The North face which is made in China. All the fur trims here are also real fur.

Montebello Parka USD$745

675GBP Macmillan

Macmillan £675


This brand is very popular among the fashionista and *cough* Chinese mainlanders. Last year when I visited their Paris boutique, the entire store was filled with mainland Chinese, the only Caucasian were the shopkeepers. Gotta becareful in which style you choose, anything with the ultra shiny material you might risk becoming tacky.  Items are made in Milan.

Bonlieu €1440

Cintrat £1125


Pyrenex is a French brand that was named by the area near the Pyrenees mountains. They aren’t internationally popular yet, and therefore their price point are a lot friendlier. They started the business producing quality bedding, and has evolved to producing fashion down jacket now using talented young designers. Items are made in France.


Sleeveless Spoutnic vest suit €320

stylish-down-jackets-to-look-fab-8Pyrenex Authentic Jacket Flannel €620

 Burberry Brit

This quilted jacket below looks like a trench coat on the outside but it is made with 80% down inside. Given this kind of material is in good price with the consideration that it is from Burberry. Looking chic with the shape of a trench coat but still keeping you warm – best of both world!


Quilted shell down coat £695


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