handbag addict | Michael Kors Colette Leather messenger

So I want to talk about this Michael Kors Colette Leather messager bag, because the moment I see it I was like *Jaw dropping* when I see this Michael Kors bag appears on Neiman Marcus’s newsletter! Jeez doesn’t this just look like the very very popular Céline luggage?! Imitating the beloved Céline luggage!


Well of course the Michael Kors Colette is much cheaper at USD$398, while the Celine luggage is at USD$3,300. I have a thing for leather personally, which I want my bags to be made of ultra fine smooth leather inside out! So definitely Céline satisfies my liking, while Michael Kors just cannot do the trick for me since it just has a nylon logo lining for the interior. The quality of leather itself is also a huge difference, which I really recommend the Céline if your budget allows. This is definitely an investment, I own the Céline luggage for two years now and the hype is NOT going away.

On the other hand, if you are a teenage or on a budget or you change your wardrobe fairly often and fast, then I guess the MK colette would do for you.

celine luggage

Girls, what do you think?

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