Review | Kashoen 1883 | Japanese hand made cleansing brush

I discovered Kashoen when I travelled to Tokyo a few months ago, and I was completely fascinated by their craftsmanship. In today’s world of technology, we have less and lessĀ items handmade. As well, handmadeĀ items are associated with luxury in return. Just like the top notch designer leather handbags we ladies love, are a work of art made by traditional craftsmen. Kashoen is like the Hermes of makeup brushes in Japan. It has been producing exceptional quality makeup brushes for 130 years, using traditional craftsmanship.

kashoen cleansing brush 1kashoen cleansing brush 2

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Shopping in Paris | A fashionista’s dream

View from Lafayette
View from Lafayette

After spending 3 years living in France…. well….what can I say?

Paris is definitely the place to be when it comes to shopping!

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