Summer supercharged -Strawhat, playsuit and sandals

Here in Hong Kong it is the hottest phrase of the year, constantly at 30 + degrees. I took my morning shower as usual. Put on my makeup and style my hair, and the moment I step out of the house, I start sweating. It’s annoying, but this is Hong Kong. You have to stand it’s worst to enjoy its best.


what meesh wore 1

I love hats, but due to work, I cannot wear hats during weekdays. So today on my rest day, I am wearing a straw hat to add style to my outfit and also to shield my face from the sun. Sun exposure accelerates skin ageing!

what meesh wore2 what meesh wore3

What I wore –

Straw hat from Muji

Gray Petite Wrap Jersey Playsuit from Topshop

Jelly thong flat sandals from Sergio Rossi

Smooth Leather Nano Luggage Bag in Black from Céline

xoxo Meesh

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