Review – shiseido urban environment uv protector extra mild


Hi everyone this will be my very first blog at followMeesh ❤

My first review will be on this Shiseido – Urban Environment UV Protecor Extra Mild SPF 30 PA +++ Water Resistant. God! What a long name!

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 1.29.06 am

So I am a girl who never leave the house without a proper sunscreen and I have been testing many kinds and many brands in my beauty journey!

These two years, I have only been using Shiseido sunscreens. Before purchasing this one, I have been using another Shiseido one – Perfect UV Protector SPF 50+ PA +++Very Water Resistent, which I have repurchased 3 times already!

The reason why I am switching to this new baby this time is because I am heading to Europe this X’mas (Yeahhhhh!!!) and the weather there will be very dry, unlike here in Hong Kong, so I decided to get something a little more thick and moisturising. I have also been given a small sample of it before, along with my last purchase of the Shiseido Perfect UV Protector, as a set.

So here goes my review (using it in Hong Kong), upon application it is definitely a lot thicker and I would say that for combination skin, you can actually skip moisturiser and just go – toner, serum, eye cream and this Urban Environment UV Protector Extra Mild straight on. It would work just fine! You will get the moisture and your sunscreen all in one. If you’re on the dry side then you can just apply it after your day cream.

I always feel that those typical day cream with SPF 15 is definitely not enough, so I always prefer a separate sunblock to ensure I have the coverage needed.

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