Chanel classic flap bag in midnight blue review & what’s in my bag

I recently took my Chanel double flap bag back to Chanel store to repair, because the shoulder chain broke. See my Chanel bag repair experience here. 

So I thought I would also do a review after using this baby for 5 years. First of all, my bag is made of lambskin. You have the choice of calfskin or lambskin. The calf leather is textured and pebbled so that it is more durable; while the lambskin is so much softer but also more fragile. I personally can’t resist the touch of that baby soft lambskin so I went with that in a heartbeat without any hesitation, even though I know it’s not going to be as durable.

Chanel midnight blue classic double flap

Also, another thing about the lambskin is that it is prone to indent and notches because of its suppleness. As you can see from the picture below that the chain actually made marks on the flap because the lambskin is so delicate it is inevitable to have marks on the flap. I still remember the day I purchase this classic flap bag in Paris. I told the SA the bag has some imperfection regarding the marks on the flap, so she was kind enough to bring out 3 more for me to choose from. But all 4 of them have a bit of those mark, it’s just the matter of more or less. So make sure you check the flap when you’re purchasing.

Chanel double flap review after 5 years of use

I have been loving this bag from day 1. I use it once to 3 times a week on a regular basis. The reason that I don’t use it as an everyday bag is that the bag itself isn’t very roomy for me and when if I fill the bag it also gets quite heavy since the chain and those double flaps in leather made the bag quite weighty.

Sometimes it also gives me back pain, if I wear the bag for an extended period of time using the single long shoulder straps. Because the chain would dig into my shoulder especially during warmer days when I wear an outfit that doesn’t cover my shoulders.

Midnight blue Chanel double flap bag

But in terms of look and feel, this bag is a classic and it goes with so many outfits. I really really enjoy using it. Every time I use the Chanel double flap bag, it makes me feel so lady like and so elegant. It is almost like a symbol to remind myself how much love I have for myself. Does it even make sense? Like the feeling of telling yourself “You’re worth it.”

So on to the durability of the bag, below are some photos of my bag’s condition after 5 years of use.

It does have some visible damages and scratches but I think given that it has been used for 5 years, I feel OK about it. The four corners all have signs of peeling but I wouldn’t notice that if the SA didn’t point them out to me. So for sure none of your friends would notice those minor peeling.

Chanel repair experience

Chanel double flap after 5 years of use

Chanel bag repair experience

Actually, the SA in Hong Kong told me that they have a service of conditioning available which can reduce the look of the damages and peeling. However, it is only available in black for now, so they couldn’t offer this service to me at this time.

All in all, I think it is a practical handbag, not to mention that it is also super classic. The Chanel double flap bag definitely worth the investment in my opinion. And the way I see it is, if you plan to own one anyways, you might as well buy it as early as possible because there is no sign of this class bag going out of style at all but every year Chanel increases the price of their double flap bag.

I got this baby in lambskin 5 years ago (2015) in Paris at EUR 3,800 and now the bag is already retailing at EUR 4,550 in 2020! So, you see what I mean right? The price increased 7% from the old pricing this time.

I would love to know if you own this class flap bag, do you use it as an everyday bag or do you save it for special occasions? And how do you like the bag? And for those of you who are considering purchasing this bag, you can watch the video below to see how much stuff it can hold!

Share your thoughts in the comment box below!

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