Chanel Bridal Experience at John Lewis

Since I had to do my own makeup for my pre-wedding photos in London, I thought I would give this Chanel Bridal Experience service a try at John Lewis.

I found out about the service last time I went there to pick up some makeup, there was a stand that was displayed at the makeup counter to promote this service. The best thing is that the £90 fee is redeemable to any Chanel makeup products afterward. So I thought why not? Because I was planning to buy some makeup products anyways to prepare for my photoshoot while I get to spend time with a professional makeup artist from Chanel for 60 mins and see what she would suggest me to do for the day.

So I scheduled an appointment and went there. chanel hydra beauty essence mist.JPG

chanel le lift and eye pactch.JPG

First of all, my makeup artist layed out a range of Le Lift skincare on the counter, and then she commented that my skin is quite lovely overall but my eyes do have quite some pigmentation and dark circles so she used the eye mask on me.

chanel eye mask before makeup.JPG

chanel hydra beauty essence mist.JPG

I have to say I particularly enjoy this hydra beauty essence mist, it is so refreshing and moisturizing it is more than just the average mineral water spray, it contains moisturizing essence in it and it is just the perfect pick me up.


Their makeup style is very clean and simple. So most of the colors that she used is quite natural and glowy. I ended up buying the Aqua Lumiere foundation which has now become my go-to foundation because it is so lightweight and comfortable to wear all day, and I also bought the brow powder you see in the photo above which is super easy to use and looks very natural. The only thing I didn’t like was that they don’t have eyelash curler and my Asian straight lashes won’t do anything with curling mascara if they were not curled before applying mascara. Other than that I quite like the bridal experience session. Plus, I get to redeem all the money with Chanel products, why not give it a try.


Here is the final look of the Chanel bridal makeup look.

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