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I have been using OPI nail polish for as long as I remembered. I just love OPI they are like M.A.C cosmetics‘ equivalent in the world of nail polish. They have every shade possible!

Of course, they don’t come cheap, so I have tried some other cheaper nail polishes before, trying to see if I can find an alternative, but I didn’t like any of them. They neither have a thinner coverage, meaning I have to paint more coats on and then it takes longer to dry (also means higher chances to mess them up before it sets). They also chip and budge easily which annoys me because I spent so long to paint my nails, I can’t stand it just got ruined after I paint them.

But this brand is my new found love – & other stories. They have an extensive range of nail colors, and only £5 / $9 each. if you visit their store, you will find they display these gorgeous nail color by color theme. For example, they place this sky blue shade “Indienne Sky” beside an exact blue colored leather pouch. Really smart and cool way to display their products.

& other stories nail polish swatch indienne sky followmeesh.JPG

This is how the packaging looks like, plain and simple.



This is how the inside look like. I think the brush is really important and this one is a nice one. it’s flat and chubby and picks up the right amount of product and doesn’t leave streaks on your nails.

Indienns sky nail polish from and other stories on hand swatches followmeesh review.JPG

And this is how it looks like in broad day light, I took the photos by the window so that you can see clearly how it appears on my hand. The color came out just as the bottle displayed, which is amazing! So far I really like it. The quality is superb and the price is a lot more affordable then OPI, which means I can pick up more color with the same budget!

Definitely need to go back for some more!


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