Lash extension at I Beaute club in Central

I am sure lash extension is nothing new for you guys. What makes this lash studio so special that I want to write about is they are not just a regular lash extension salon but more like a lash designer in Central.

I Beaute Club
Conveniently located in the heart of Central.
Cozy and private room for your lash treatment.

I have been to other eyelash salons before of course, but what I like about I-Beaute club is that the ladies there actually know lashes styling very well. The ladies there can tell that I prefer more volume towards the outer corners of my eyes by just looking at the way I draw my eyeliner. Isn’t that amazing?

If you are unsure of what kind of length and thickness you should for, they can suggest what kind of style you should go for and what kind of effect it can achieve.

Last time I went there, I told my stylist that I love the voluminous look on her and she had a look at my eyes and checked how my crease looks like and then she suggested what would look good on me.

Unlike other salons that I have tried before, they would show me a lot of lengths and thickness that I can choose from, but I have no clue if what I chose would fit the shape of my eyes.

i beaute club
My naked lashes
voluminous lashes emphasizing the outer corners of my eyes.

Here at I-Beaute club, the ladies are so much more professional and they would give suggestions according to your go-to makeup look and your style. The first time I went there I told my stylist I was traveling soon and want to look good in photos so she suggested a more dramatic look, the lashes look quite long in person but it looks just right in photos!

Then after my trip, I went back again and this time I wanted something more natural because I would be just be going to the gym and coworking space and that’s it so I feel like something more natural would suits better, especially I won’t wear much makeup.

so far I am super happy about their service and result, as 4 weeks pass by my lashes are still looking beautiful and I feel like I can still have them on for another week or two before I need to go back.

I also love that they have a small area for you to touch up your makeup afterward before going back to the office.

Also the location is super convenient, right in the heart of central, literally just like 5 mins away from my yoga studio as well!

The trial price is HKD$680 which I think is so reasonable compare to other fancy salon in the same area. If you have never tried eyelash extension before, or have tried it but wasn’t satisfied with your salon give I-Beaute club a try, it won’t disappoint you!

Although it could look a little bit dramatic in person for some, but I think it definitely looks great with makeup on!

I Beaute Club

11/F, Ming Fat Building, 72 Wellington Street, Hong Kong

+852 5330 0313

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