8 hour sleeping mask for the eyes? |VIIcode eye masks Review

I have been always super concern about my eye area because they say “eyes are the windows to the soul” right? Also, the eye area tells so much about your age!

I am a night person so I usually sleep past midnight, which is not good I know, but I can’t help it. So naturally, I have concerns about my dark circles and fine lines. I want my eye area to be hydrated because hydrated skin tends to have less fine lines.

There are quite a lot of eye masks out there. Actually, hundreds and thousands of them out there, but I haven’t come across one that can allow me to sleep with, and can stay on for 8 hours! So I was so excited to try the VII code O2M Oxygen Mask for all night repair. 


VIIcode eye masks.JPG

I love that the masks are so convenient. They are all individually packaged and there are two gel patches in each of them. You will see that each patch has a thick gel on, which is why it can last for 8 hours. All you need to do is place them on your under-eye area after cleansing and then go to bed with them on. It doesn’t take much effort at all, which is perfect for people who have a busy lifestyle!

The package recommend you to put it on clean face but you can still put toner and some very light serum under if you want, but avoid applying cream thought, before the gel patch, because it may not adhere to your skin so well if you do. Thus, the masks are in a gel format so applying cream before gel could make the masks less effective in absorbing deep into your skin.

I took the masks with me to Kyoto last week because I know Japan is a lot dryer than Hong Kong and I wanted to make sure I look great on the day I wear Kimono. And, the product really didn’t disappoint, they made my eye area so much more hydrated in Japan’s dry weather so that I woke up with perfectly hydrated eyes and applying concealer under my eyes was such a breeze!

VIIcode eye masks in kyoto.JPG

You all know what would happen if you apply conceal on very dry under-eye area, right? When your under-eye area looks cakey and creased with concealer? Not cute!

So far, I am very satisfied with the masks. Here is a picture of me and my makeup on the day after I used the eyemasks two nights consecutively in Japan!

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