Co working space review | Metta at California Tower

Metta is one of my favorite co-working space in Hong Kong. It has a New York loft style interior with a lot of big windows, and the view from there is impeccable.

However, Metta is unlike any other co-working space. You must apply to be a member. They would meet and interview you to evaluate if you would be a good fit for the community and in what way would you contribute to the community.



They also host a lot of talks, events and workshop throughout the year. It’s a good community to join if you are passionate about innovation and the start up scene.


Particularly, I like the couches by the window, so I can work with the natural light. However it is hard to sit there and work for more than 2 hours because there is no table to put your latop properly.


The wooden tables and chairs in the middle are the best for those of you who plan to  work for a long period of time on your laptop. There are plugs in the middle which is a must have.

Also, They have the local french cafe La Station inside the space, so you don’t need to go downstairs when you need your dose of caffeine. In fact, they don’t allow outside food.


Have you guys been to Metta at California Tower? Share your experience with us in the comment box below.

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