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My shopping experience at | A Chinese online store that resembles Amazon

I have got some free credit from, $25 to be exact. So I have ordered a couple of items from them and here I will review my shopping experience and also the quality of the items.

As you can see below, the layout of the website really resembles Amazon. From their navy background color to the orange accent color that they use on their logo, it reminds you of Amazon. offers a wide range of items for you to choose from and a very economical price.

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The website is quite easy to navigate, you can click and browse using the panel buttons on the left to browse by category, or just type in the search bar to look for the items that you want.

The items I got are a Japanese tamagoyaki pan, a light box for product photos and a backdrop for studio filming. These are how they look like straight out of the delivery package. The shipment lead time is a little bit longer than other websites, I waited roughly two weeks, but I am not complaining because of the price. For this price I think it is acceptable.


Tamagoyaki pan is basically just a frying pan in special rectangular shape for you to make Japanese egg rolls. The trickest part is to keep pouring egg mixture into the pan and keep rolling it. So, being non-stick is very important.! I didn’t expect the pan to be well made, so I thought if it’s going to stick then I just use more oil. However, it performs way better than I expected and I remember the pan was only about $8!


This light box is small well packed, it came way smaller than I expected which is nice so it doesn’t take up space when you need to store it away. IMG_8165

It came with a plastic foldable box with led lights, 1 black & 1 white canvas background, and a USB cord.

The lights are not that strong, this is how it looks like if I don’t turn the exposure up on my camera.


Below is when I turned up the exposure on my camera.


Below is the third item I got which is a backdrop for studio filming. The only thing I wasn’t aware of is that it doesn’t come with the stand and it only comes with a piece of  fabric that is very big in size so I can’t really take a good picture of it because I don’t have the stand at home.


I would recommend using this website if you don’t mind the shipping time and if quality is not really a concern for you. Hope this helps!

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