COS pop up X Noc – minimalist clothing meets coffee

cos pop up in Central

cos pop up X noc

Noc is a local coffee shop, and they have 3 shops around the Central and Western district already. The one in the Western district is actually around where I live. They shop there is the biggest among all and has a really nice vibe there.

COS has long been my go-to store when I need to shop for some simple and basic style clothing. The store on Queen’s Road Central is now under renovation, but they have come up with a pop-up store on the same street so that customers can still get access to their items while its understand construction. What’s better is that their pop up store has Noc inside it to provide coffee to its customers.

In fact, this 390 sqm pop up store also presents new collections one week earlier than other COS stores in Hong Kong. How cool is that?

This pop-up store is on 20 Queen’s Road Central. The shop isn’t very “pop-up” because it doesn’t look or feel like a temporary space. Normally pop up stores has the vibe and set up that its only temporary, but this one doesn’t, it just looks like a normal COS store except it has a nice coffee corner right beside the cashier area.

cos minimalist clothing

cos pop up 2018

When I was there this afternoon, there were quite a few guys sitting in front of the coffee corner and drinking coffee. Looks like its a good idea for the guys while waiting for the other half shopping there. : )

This pop by is only until the end of April 2018.

Did you know? COS is owned by H&M.

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