Review | Lush Brazened Honey fresh mask & how I got this mask for free!


Last week, I went into the LUSH store in Elton Square while I was waiting for my boyfriend at the mall. I wasn’t planning to buy anything but I was at the fresh mask section looking at the mask there.

Because my tube of Rosy cheeks mask is running out soon, so I was looking at the fresh mask selection and contemplating which one to try next.

lush brazened honey fresh mask review

I asked the associates there, which mask does she like the most. Then she said her favorite is Don’t look at me and Brazened honey. I haven’t tried neither of them before so she let me try some on the back of my hand. I liked the Brazened honey more because it also exfoliates with the ground almond bits and has Tumeric in it which I know is really good for your skin.

I told her I wasn’t going to purchase any today as I still have one at home and not finished with it yet. Then she said she thinks there is some overstock of the mask at the back which is going to expire in 3 days so they can no longer sell them. So she went to the back and had a look and came out with a tube of Brazened honey for me to take home and try!

lush brazened honey texture

I was so happy about it! Made my day! Once I got home, I tried the mask right away. The mask is thick in texture so you won’t be able to spread it thinly like Rosy cheeks, so you will end up using more products than usual. It contains ginger, turmeric, lime, parsley, and fennel, as well as ground almond. It is a detoxifying and antiseptic mask but also moisturizing with fresh egg and honey, while the almonds bits helps to exfoliate your skin. I really like to use it on days that my skin looks really tired and yellow. It instantly brightens up my skin and helps me look healthy again!


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