Meli Melo – Where Italian craftsmanship meets London cool

meli melo thela medium handbag

Meli Melo is now officially my newly obsessed brand from London, the style and designs are casually chic, timeless and also elegant. No loud and big logos at all! (Because I cannot really stand that. LOL) The best thing is, it doesn’t break the bank! Their signature bags are priced around £500 only, totally affordable. Even heiress Olivia Palermo is a fan!

olivia palermo street style with thela meli melo.png

The founder and creative director Melissa del Bono established the brand Meli Melo in 2005, without attending any design school before. She set out to achieve one mission, to create beautifully designed and timeless handbags for real life women.


Italian wicker basket

A lot of her designs are inspired by the wicker basket that Italian women carry every day in the village she grew up in Lipari, Sicily. And you can tell from her designs!

Meli melo thela medium tan inverted handle

See the top inverted handles? Just like the handles of a wicker basket!

meli melo basket inspired leather handbag

And this textured leather bag Rosalia? It looks just like a basket, with the weaved pattern and even the shape itself! I have always been obsessed with basket myself, so there is no doubt that I am falling in love with this brand!

olivia palermo style with meli melo backpack

Even Olivia Palermo is a big fan, she has been spotted carrying their Thela bag a lot! She even has two colors of the same style!


Not to mention her new collaboration of the Meli Melo’s Severine bucket bag, which is a super cute and great for the weekend!

severine meli melo all colors.png

Olivia with meli melo severine in pink

Have you guys check out this brand yet? They can even help you personalize your handbag by embossing your initials on it! They ship internationally and it is best to order online on their website! The price difference is very small between countries as well!

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