ZJ Wang | The $10,000 Yeezy smog mask


Citizens in Beijing and Shanghai are suffering under the terror of smog pollution for the last decade. Is that possible to combine a protective smog mask with fashion elements?


image source: ZJWang IG

This talented Shanghai designer ZJ Wang has designed lots of stylish smog masks using collectible sneakers such as the popular Yeezy Boost V2 and Nike flyknit. Because the air in Beijing is extremely polluted, face mask is now one of the everyday essentials for the Beijing citizens. Wang’s goal is to create fashionable, comfortable and functional face mask with his own hands.

Let’s take a closer look at his fabulously designed products:


image source: ZJWang IG

Want the Yeezy V2 face mask? Unfortunately, ZJ Wang is not planning to turn this into a mass production. But they certainly look super chic and all.


image source: ZJWang IG


image source: ZJWang IG


image source: ZJWang IG


image source: ZJWang IG

If you’re interested in his products, go check out and follow his Instagram account Zhijunwang. His mask has been selling on eBay China for $5,000.

source: Google, ZJWang IG

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