Review | Does RapidLash work on my Asian lashes?

Yes, I am addicted to mascaras and false lashes! So today I am going to talk about eyelash serum! Because my lashes go through a lot on a daily basis, with eyelash curler, heat curler, and mascaras; I have to make sure they are healthy and strong.

Rapidlash does it work

This eyelash serum RapidLash (£39.9) was recommended by Chloe at the Chanel counter in Elton square, Newcastle, while I was having my Chanel bridal experience. She has really long eyelashes, and she told me she has been using RapidLash to grow her lashes that long (More on Chloe at Chanel later, she is my go-to person whenever I need any makeup advice). So after the makeup session, I ran to get myself one of these, (available at boots £39.9)

After I got home, I googled for reviews of RapidLash and I see a lot of positive comments. So I have pretty high hopes for the product.

rapidlash reivew

The product itself looks just like a mascara, but instead of a spoolie, it comes with a small brush that looks like your eyeliner brush. The instruction tells you that you should be using it once a day, and apply it on your lash line before you go to bed.

lash serum recommendation

I have been using it for 8 weeks already and there isn’t that much product left in the tube. I didn’t get what other people get – that noticeable dramatic result. But, my lashes do become stronger, because when I remove mascara at the end of the day it is normal that I see 2-3 lashes fell out after I rub my eyes with a cotton pad soaked with eye make up remover. However, with the use of RapidLash, I only have 0 – 1 lash that falls out on average. So I can’t say it is completely useless, but only helped my lashes to be stronger that’s all.

rapidlash review blog

When I checked the ingredients on the box, I noticed that it is not using any drugs to promote growth in your lashes. Instead, it is only a conditioner / treatment. So I thought, “Okay that make sense” if there aren’t any drugs involved.

But then I think back to what I saw online, the reviews that I saw on Amazon, I suspect those reviews might not be real because there are a lot of before and after pictures from the customers, which I don’t think so many of them would take the time to have the before and after picture taken and spend time to put them together to leave a detailed review like that.

But at least I believed it worked for Chloe who works at the Chanel counter, because there is no direct benefit for her if I purchase this lash serum or not.

Overall, I think given the price of this lash serum is on the low end. You can give it a try, at least it helps your lashes to be stronger, if not longer.


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