7 French fashion brands you need to know : Pt 1

Spend an afternoon sipping espresso in an cafe in Le Marais area and you notice most Parisiennes wear muted colours and black a lot. They are a big believer of “less is more”, partly because they have very small wardrobe (Paris apartments are small), and they are very good at the mixing and matching game.

Items that they pick are mostly good quality and low-key. They don’t mind to spend a little more for some luxe materials and cutting is crucial for them.  No screaming fluorescent colours and flashy glitters nor showy items.

Below are 7 go-to brands for the cool Parisienne girls.

Isabel Marant & Étoile Isabel Marant 

They represent the Parisian effortless style the most. Elegant and very bohemian. Think sleek silhouettes, sultry hemlines and soft fabrics. Embodying a casual, perfectly tousled but never over-thought look. Très chic! With Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, and Alexa Chung being their loyal fans.

Isabel Marant’s étoile line was launched in 2000, a more youthful collection with a relaxed Bohemian style.



The brand “Maje” is the assembly of the 4 creators, Milgrom, Alain, Judith and Evelyn. Always feminine and chic; understated yet alluring. I personally like to wear their items to work and to meetings. They have a lot of items in black to give it a formal feeling but some nice silhouette to highlight the feminine side of us.


Comptoir des Cotonniers

Full of french spirit with  great workmanship and quality materials. Featuring timeless designs and full of items that you can wear everyday.

source – wikipedia & Google

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