ZJ Wang | The $10,000 Yeezy smog mask

Citizens in Beijing and Shanghai are suffering under the terror of smog pollution for the last decade. Is that possible to combine a protective smog mask with fashion elements? image source: ZJWang IG This talented Shanghai designer ZJ Wang has designed lots of stylish smog masks using collectible sneakers such as the popular Yeezy Boost V2 and Nike flyknit. Because the air in Beijing is … Continue reading ZJ Wang | The $10,000 Yeezy smog mask


Designer Talk | Angelo Ruggeri of Sergio Rossi

The Design Director of Sergio Rossi, Angelo Ruggeri is a charming man from Sicily, Italy. He has 15 years of shoes design experience for Sergio Rossi, Giorgio Armani, Dsquared2 and Tom Ford.


Ruggeri has been inspired to be part of the fashion world since he was little as a 6 years old.

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