Review | Bliss Firm baby firm dual action serum

bliss-firm-baby-firm-review-followmeeshI just finished this bottle of Bliss firm, baby, firm dual-action lifting + volumizing serum 30ml (£59) about two weeks ago.

I love the Bliss spa at the W hotel Hong Kong, which I visit once every 2 months. The triple oxygen facial is to die for. I always come out with raidance skin and looking fabulous!

And so when I saw this serum on sale in my local department store, I picked this up, to give it a try. I thought if I like the spa so much, I must like their products too. I wasn’t particularly looking for a serum that has a lifting effect, as I don’t really believe any serum can really help with saggy skin. That is too much to ask in a product. lol. To see a dermatologist and get a face lift is probably the best option.


Anyways, I needed a serum, so I thought why not? Anti-ageing better start earlier than later. The texture of this serum is light and creamy, unlike the watery, or sticky serum that comes out from a dropper. It has a light scent to it but it is not over-powering.


This serum is only average for me. As mentioned, I have used up the whole bottle already, and my conclusion is I don’t think this serum wows me. Yes, it is hydrating but it is not the most hydrating serum out there. As for the supposedly lifting effect, I don’t feel any, even though I said I don’t have sagging skin but when I have used anti-ageing / lifting serums before, the ones I like they gives you a tighter skin feeling but this one doesn’t.

Overall, I don’t think this serum is worth £59 at all. If you are looking for a good anti-ageing serum around this price point and level. Estee Lauder’s Advance night repair serum  30ml (£52) would be a much better and fail-proof choice.

Have you guys tried this serum or Bliss’s fabulous facial before? Comment down below and let me know if you find this review useful! I would really appreciate it. 🙂




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