roasted okinawa miso pork Francesco by Franck Muller

Dinner at Francesco By Franck Muller, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

In Asia, it is not unusual to find fashion brand names to open cafes, such as Beige by Chanel in Tokyo; 1921 Gucci by Gucci in Shanghai; and Café Dior by Dior in Seoul. But it is the first time I have come across restaurant opened by watchmaker – Francesco by Franck Muller.

My boyfriend and I went to this Japanese / Italian / French fusion restaurant on a Friday night to celebrate his birthday. The place was half full when we get there at around 7.30 pm.

cocktail Francesco by Franck Muller

Tequila Cocktail


The first dish to arrive was the Roasted Okinawa Miso Pork. (In the picture above on the left.) It was really flavorful and tender, kind of similar to pork slices you find in your Japanese Ramen and Chinese BBQ pork.


The second to arrive was Seared Foie Gras with aubergine. Seared Foie Gras is my all time favorite, I order it whenever I see it on the menu, and this one did not disappoint. Crispy on the outside and melts in your month. The vegetables on the sides are also really fresh and juicy. I like how they pair the foie gras with aubergine.



Stuffed French Chicken was such a pleasant surprise. The sauce was so creamy and divine. The chicken itself is very small but it is very filling. The meat is very tender as it is a baby chicken stuffed with mushroom and spinach inside. Imagine how much work it involves.

stuffed french chicken with mushroom and spinach Francesco by Franck Muller

sauce for stuffed chicken Francesco by Franck MullerAnd the creamy sauce that comes with the stuffed chicken was so creamy and good, really complements the meat and add a finishing touch to it.

Francesco by Franck Muller Panna Cotta with mango and passion fruit coulis


For dessert we ordered Panna Cotta with mango and passion fruit coulis. It was a dessert well made, bouncy and just the right texture. The sauce was also balanced well with passion fruit and mango.

espresso macchiato Francesco by Franck Muller

We finished the meal with a cup of decaf espresso macchiato. The espresso was strong and bold as it should be and that ends our birthday celebration for tonight.








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