Review & Swatch | Chanel | Kabuki brush and Rouge Coco Stylo in 202 Conte

I shopped at Chanel counter again last week…… I’m not suppose to shop anymore because I am relocating to Hong Kong in 6 weeks! But the Christmas shopping atmosphere is just too strong at John Lewis.

chanel retractable kubaki brush and 202 conte coco stylo review.JPG

So these are the two babies I got today!

Chanel Les Beiges Retractable Kabuki Brush £35

Chanel Rouge Coco stylo complete care lip shine in 202 Conte £26


I have been looking for this Chanel retractable kabuki brush for a while. When it first came out, I wasn’t able to get hold of one because it was sold out everywhere. Once I saw it on display in the duty free shop in Narita Airport in Japan. But just when I wanted to grab it I was told that was the last one.


So I was so happy to see it at the Chanel counter here in Newcastle! I guess this brush is just particularly popular in Asia but not as much in the UK here. So I had to get it! I also got 10% off because of the price match campaign!


The bristle is synthetic but super duper soft. It is short, chubby and very densed. Below is a short clip to show you guys how soft they are!

Normally, I am not a fan of Chanel brushes as they are more expensive than the normal department store brand but the quality is not that good.The brushes shed quite a lot, I use to have their blush brush and was not impressed. I much prefer the MAC brush or even Zoeva.

But this one was an exception! I love it and the quality is really good. Even Wayne Goss talked about how good it is that he even bought two of them!


I use it to buff the Chanel Les beiges Sheer glow powder SPF 15 and this is how it looks after I have use it for a week.


Then the second product I bought is the Rouge Coco stylo in 202 Conte. It is a really pretty pink and the texture is very light and moisturizing. I really like it because I don’t have to apply it precisely. It goes on like a balm but still have enough pigment and coverage.


Becareful though, this pen shaped design does not allow you to twist and retract the lip product back in the tube! So you need to be careful and only twist a very small amount out each time.


As you can see the color is a very pretty pink, and does not have a blue tone under it. It is a universal flattering pink! I wore it to meet a few friends and they all really liked my lip color and ended up getting the same shade as mine on the same day. It is very easy to carry and definitely can be your everyday lip color!

I would definitely repurchase this if this runs out! I also have the Rouge Allure gloss in 15 Sensible, which is kind of similar to this one (coco stylo), but I like the Rouge Coco stylo a lot more because of the pen shape it is much easier to apply. Although in terms of the appearance of the packaging the Rouge allure is more luxurious. The Rouge Allure has a more glossy feeling and less pigment when compare to the Rouge Coco Stylo.

Let me know if you have tried these products from Chanel! I would be really happy if you can comment down below 🙂





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