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Hi girls! I have been a little obsessed with the Barre work out, spinning and Yoga lately and have been going to class about 3 – 4 times a week. Which made me went out and shopped for a few more fitness gears so that I have enough outfits for my classes.

Back in June, I was in Liverpool for a weekend road trip, I went to Liverpool ONE and got my first VSX outfit from Victoria’s Secret.

all about vsx |review followmeesh.JPG

Right now they are doing a promotion, which is £50 for a set of outfit, you get to pick a sports bra and a pair of legging! (If you happens to read this after the sale has finished , just make sure you sign up their newsletter! They have this offer from time to time, you just need to wait, and you will get an email when they have offers.) It is such a good deal! Because if you get a more decent pair of legging from Nike or Lululemon, (which are my usualy go-to brands) it can easily cost you £50 +! And I can tell you their quality is just as good if not better!

Before I actually get my hands on them, I was a little skeptical about their sports range as I would imagine the items would look cute but wouldn’t be practical when it comes to exercising. But try them, you won’t regret.

vsx review bra top.JPG
This is the outfit I picked with the £50 offer!

This plunge strappy back sport bra £18 that I am wearing above is really cute, I love the design of the back. It offers minimal support, which is normally the case if the design of the back is intricated with thin straps. Girls with bigger bust might opt for a more supportive design. I would say this sports bra is fine for my Yoga class as it is not that intense, but I wouldn’t recommend it for jogging. I sometimes wear it under my black see-through open back blouse instead of a bralette.



Now this is my new favorite Yoga top! Look at this open back top! Such pretty design at the back.

The orange part of the legging is made of mesh which makes it breathable and there are also some parts which are see-through with black mesh. Sexy!

I am especially impressed by the quality of their leggings and tights! You can get this exact pair of tight £63 here. The waistband is thick and slightly high waisted so that it is super comfortable to wear all day, as sometimes I wear it to class in the morning and then I continue with my day of shopping for grocery and running errands etc. The high waisted design also ensure everything is held in place while exercising, as my Barre class is a really intense one and these leggings do really well for me.


S0, I have fallen in love with VSX since my first purchase, and I keep returning to buy stuff from them! The leggings are definitely better than the normal cotton made leggings, and they are comparable to those ones from Nike pro or the Lululemon ones that I have!

Let me know if you girls have tried this Victoria’s Secret’s sport range and how you like it!

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