Review | YSL rouge pur couture The slim 21 ROUGE PARADOXE

YSL The slim no. 21 rouge paradoxe

Yves Saint Lauren‘s makeup almost never disappoint, among my favorites are the Touche Éclat ($38) and their glossy stain ($37). Also, I am obsessed with lip colours, because my lips are naturally very pale, so I don’t go one day without lipsticks!

So I am super excited when this new line of matte lipstick came out, because matte lips sticks are must haves for fall and winter. “The slim” is YSL’s latest lipstick from the rouge pur couture collection, a new square shaped matte lipstick in no. 21 Rouge Paradoxe (USD$39 / DKK 29/ HKD$310).

YSL no. 21 rouge paradoxe swatch and review.JPG

I love the packaging, the texture and the longevity of the lipstick.

When I first applied it I can feel that it is quite smooth, unlike many other matte lipsticks that goes on cakey and dry. Also, the color is ultra rich and saturated, very pigmented in just one coat. The finishing is matte but still comfortable, I don’t feel I am wearing anything at all so it is pretty weightless in my opinion.

It is called a “leather matte” finish from its official website and I agree with the description. It does have a leathery matte feeling to it. So far I am impressed with the formula, not just the texture but also the longevity. I had a fancy 8 course dinner at a Michelin star restaurant when I was in Copenhagen and my lipstick were still in place after that long 3-hour dinner. How impressive! There is also no bleeding at all!

wearing YSL the slim after 8 course dinner at høst copenhagen.JPG
The slim lipstick survived after my 8 course dinner at Høst, Copenhagen.

However, I don’t think it is any easier to apply on your lip, compare to the traditional round shaped lipstick.

You can watch my video below to see swatches and how I feel about “The slim” lipstick.


I got this one from Copenhagen’s department store Illum, and it was super popular as this number 21 was the last one in stock. I originally wanted to go for the no. 23 after checking out YSL’s official website, but I was very happy with the shade I got after I tried it on my lips at the counter. No. 23 had more orange undertone when compared to no. 21.

I hope you guys liked this review and swatch. Please subscribe or give it a thumbs up to my video if you find it useful! I would really appreciate your support as I just started out on youtube! I find it more useful and easier to show you guys the color and swatches with videos.

Ask me anything in the comment box below and do share with me which one is your favourite shade in the collection!

xo Meesh

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