Place to eat after shopping at Le Bon Marché – Café Les Mouettes

I have discovered this tradition Parisian café after my frequent visit to my favorite department store, Le Bon Marché.

Café Les Mouettes

130 Rue du Bac, 75007 Paris, France

Metro proche du resto SèvresBabylone

cafe les mouettes rue du bac followmeesh.png

The name literally means “The seagulls cafe”. I am not sure if they specialize in fish and seafood, but I definitely had a really nicely grilled assorted fish salad.

The price is quite reasonable in this neighborhood, considering the location of this restaurant is right opposite to The Coran shop which is an upscale and stylish home decoration / furniture shop in the area.

Assorted grilled fish salad les mouettes

Their portion is not particularly French (dainty dish with small portion). In fact, their serving is quite big! My boyfriend barely finished his plate of mixed skewers with fried potatoes and green salad while I have some salad left on my plate. As I normally eats a lot of food! Ask my boyfriend, he would agree I am a petite girl that has big appetite.

mixed skewers with salad les mouettes

The interior is full of old school 70’s vibe with leather banquette in beside the bar area. And of course, lots of outdoor tables in front of the restaurant for the locals to do their people-watching.

les mouette

les mouette me

Give Les Mouettes a try when you shop at Le Bon Marché! Bon Appétit!

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