Chanel Rouge Coco stylo swatches

Hello everyone!

I am considering which color to get from the Chanel Rouge coco stylo range. So I thought I would share with you all!

chanel coco rouge stylo newcastle debenhams

Such beautiful display shelf as always! I love Keira Knightley. She looks super chic in this advertisement.

The color she is wearing in the photo above is 214 Message.

chanel coco rouge part 1 stylo

The above stylos are (from top to bottom) 212 Recit, 214 Message and 202 Conte.

Below are the swatches on the back of my hand in the same order.

212 Recit

214 Message

202 Conte

chanel coco rouge stylo swatches part 1

The texture of these stylos are very soft, buttery and feels very moisturizing. The packaging is also very nice and sleek. It would definitely fit in my Chanel classic double flap bag! (I always have a debate inside myself whenever I use the double flap bag because it is so small that it really doesn’t fit much. It is also heavy, even before I put anything it because of the chain and leather.)

Below are the stylos in (from left to right) 216 Lettre, 204 article, 206 Histoire & 208 Roman.

chanel coco rouge part 2 stylo

Below are swatches of the above stylos. Order from top to bottom.

208 Roman

206 Histoire

204 Article

216 Lettre

chanel coco rouge stylo swatches part 2

So what do you think girls? Which one do you like most?

I am kinda leaning towards 202 Conte as it is such a sweet summer color! But I also really like the 214 Message, which Keira Knightely is wearing in the Advertisement as well!



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