puppy bum

I’ve got a puppy Jack Russell Terrier

Yes! I’ve got a puppy! A baby boy Jack Russell Terrier named Mochi. Mochi is Japanese, meaning “sweet rice dumpling”! Because when we visited him he curled up just like a little sweet dumpling. Very adorable.

Mochi baby.jpg

Sorry for the blurry picture but this is the very first photo I got from the breeder! It just melts my heart! He looked so innocent and adorable in this photo. I used to look at this photo everyday after my first visit and waiting for him to reach 8 weeks for me to take him home.

jack russell puppy 12 weeks old

This is him resting on his sheepskin. I didn’t give him a bed util 3 weeks after he settled in and potty trained, just because I know he is probably going to wet his bed. So he has been sleeping on his sheepskin for a while.

jack russell puppy eyes

Mochi looking at us with his puppy eyes.

puppy bum

I love his puppy bum! So cute and soft!

jack russell terrier puppy

In his little baby fleece blanket that I got him from the baby’s department at Primark. lol He loves it!

jack russell puppy in his new bed

Mochi in his new bed that his daddy’s got him off ebay with his Kong squeaky duckie (lying on top his head)! Mochi loves KONG toys, they are just so much fun and stimulating for him. The bed looks absolutely lush! And he looks so comfy in it!

Share with me your puppy photos!

meesh x


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