neals yard remedies hand cream

Best scented hand cream – Neal’s yard remedies Geranium & Orange Hand Cream

I have mentioned many times before that I love products that’s made with gorgeous essential oils and natural ingredients. L’occitane, Caudalie, Clarins are some of my favorite brands, to name a few.

Today I am going to talk about the best scented hand cream, which is Neal’s yard remedies Geranium & Orange Hand Cream (£10). Which I have been using for 4 weeks already, I have it in my work purse, and I use it a few times a day after washing my hands.

neals yard remedies hand cream

The result? I love it! This hand cream smells so beautiful with Geranium and orange. I purchased this because I see there is Geranium in it, which I particularly like. I wasn’t sure about the orange part at first though. But after I tried it in store, I fell in love with it and bought it home with me! The hand cream is quite thick, but it’s not the kind that sits of your skin; instead, it sinks beautifully into your skin in just 5 to 10 seconds.

Neal's yard remedies Geranium & Orange Hand Cream texture

This hand cream is made of quite a few good organic oils, such as soya oil, almond oil, orange peel oil, Geranium oil and sunflower oil. You can feel the oils when you massage the cream into your skin and while doing so, the gorgeous fragrance are released as well.

Geranium is a well known mood lifting sweet scents, which helps relieves stress, anxiety and depression. I really feel the stress relieving part particularly, since I use it on my workdays; I always feel a little relieved after I applied this hand cream during my breaks.

My all time favorite handcream is always Jurlique’s Rose hand cream, before I try this Neal’s yard hand cream in geranium and orange. But the Jurlique one is slightly more expensive that Neal’s yard’s hand cream. Jurlique’s is AUS$25, which is roughly around £12.5 for 40ml, while Neal’s yard is only £10 and with an even bigger tube, consisting 50ml in it.

I would say in terms of value and quality, Neal’s yard remedies’ hand cream definitely is on the competitive side. But I do enjoy both of them, which I will continue to purchase both. I tend to use the Jurlique rose hand cream only before bed as I have it on my dresser because I feel like the packaging is a little annoying  with the foil like material, it breaks half way through before I finished the whole tube. So I can only keep it at home.

Have you girls tried any of the two hand creams I mentioned in this post? The Jurlique rose hand cream or the one from Neal’s yard remedies?

Let me know by commenting below!

x Meesh

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