Tips for hunting that perfect white shirt

Hello everyone! I just wrote a blog post about the 12 essential items to have in your wardrobe, and yesterday I just bought a white button down shirt and I really wanted to share with you all where I found it! Yes! The Men’s department!

Zara boutique

I have been hunting for new white shirt for a long time, since the old one i had worn out and I need to replace it. I tried a few from J. crew and Pye but they are neither not the right length / right fit / right price.

Zara super slim fit shirt white men's shirtmeesh in white shirt

Then last night, I had some gap time after work and before dinner. I wondered in Zara and tried on a few items, but I didn’t find anything I like. Then, I stumbled into the men’s department, and da-ta! I found they carry a “super slim fit” shirt and I immediately tried on the one in small. I look into the mirror and feel like ” Yes! This is it!”.

I found my perfect white shirt in Zara Men. I love it! ❤

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