Dermalogica Facial Treatment Review – Fenwick Newcastle

Dermalogica Facial Treatment Review – Fenwick Newcastle



I normally treat my skin to regular facial treatment once every 4 weeks, but since I have moved from Hong Kong to Newcastle. I haven’t got the chance to do so at all. And here in the UK, having a facial isn’t something as popular and accessible as in Hong Kong, also not as many choices.

Because of flat hunting, getting new furniture and my new job, I have been experiencing quite some stress lately. My skin is reacting on it and I am having a little break out, which makes me really paranoid. So I have to do something save my skin. I remember when I used to live in the UK 6 years ago, I have experienced break out caused by stress before and their facial saved me. So, I decided to visit Dermalogica again this time.

Dermalogica skin bar

I went for the “Dermalogica skin treatment” at Fenwick Newcastle. The facial treatment is £65, which you need to pay when you book it, but its redeemable against Dermalogica products on the day of treatment! Really cool! So it’s kind of “free” in a way.

When I arrived at the counter, my therapist Hibby was already there waiting for me. I was asked to fill a form where there are long list of questions about allergies, your beauty regime and what your concerns are. She then showed me to a private treatment room, which is nice and warm and has all the equipments and products needed. The treatment starts with the arms and legs cleanse and a light massage. Hibby wrapped a warm towel over my arms and then applied pressure to them to lightly massage my arms and feet. It’s warm and makes me feel really relaxed and comfortable. Then I was wrapped warm with a sheet and blanket. She then started to double cleanse my face, first to remove makeup and then again using a facial cleanser. Then she used an exfoliator with AHA to remove dead skin. By now my skin was nice and clean, she put on a device over her eyes with magnifying glasses and lights on to examine different areas of my face carefully. As she goes over each area she would tell me her observations. If it is smooth, dry, or if the pores are congested, etc. After that the therapist will know which masque or treatment is suitable for your skin type and your concerns, which you listed on the form earlier.


She then applied some mask on my face, which smells really good, and I fell asleep at some point. When I woke up from it, she removed the mask with some warm towel and then spritzed some toner all over my face. She then applied some serum, face cream eye cream on my face like any other facial treatment. But the nice touch was she also applied some primer with SPF (I wear SPF everyday, it’s a must for me!) on my face, followed by a sheer tinted moisturizer. So when I woke up from it I just applied some lipstick and go!

Therapist recommendation Dermalogica


Then I was brought to the counter again, where my therapist showed me some products that I could use at home to improve my skin concern. And for my case, my main concern was the acne marks and my sun caused freckles. She recommended the “Power Bright TRx” line to me, which consist of the C-12 pure bright serum, Pure light SPF 15 and Pure night. She gave me some tester to try at home.

dermalogica beauty treatment review


Since I was after their masque (so I can perform my weekly ritual of home facial), I picked up the one from the anti-aging line – multivitamin masque and an eye cream. The therapist told me that Victoria Beckham is a huge fan of this masque where she would buy it in bulk box! Which makes me have an even higher expectation for it!

For the eye cream, it is called Total eye care, it has SPF 15 to it and the tiniest bit of color so it helps to reflect the light to diffuse the look of dark circle.

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