how to use spray can nail polish nails inc

The Lazy girls’ nail polish

Are you the kind of girl who always have your nails done and polished? For me, pretty much! I love a good pop of colours on my perfect ten! It just brightens up your day and makes you look so pulled together!

But we don’t always have the time for it, yeah? Or we end up getting our nails done at the nail salon. But tah-dah!

The long waited Spray can nail polish from the British brand Nails Inc. is here to rescue us lazy girls!

Spray can nail polish NailsInc

Nails inc. Spray Can Nail Polish £10

All you need to do is apply a base coat, Let it dry completely. Then, shake the can and spray it on your nails. Leave it on for 2 mins and then wash it off. Et viola! Then you just apply a top coat that’s it!how to use spray can nail polish nails inc

Tips- The longer you wait the harder it is to wash the excess off your skin.

Pros – So easy and takes only a few minutes! No skills needed!

Cons – Only 3 colors to choose from – Bright pink, pale baby pink and silver

Why don’t they produce more colours?!?! Give us more colours Nails inc.!


Let me know down below if you would try the Spray on nail polish or not!

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