Best japanese sheet mask barrier repair

Barrier Repair Facial Mask

Oh Mandom Beauty’s Barrier Repair facial mask is my love! This mask from Japan is so good! It’s effective and very moisturizing! The best part is they are so affordable that you can treat yourself often!

Barrier repair facial mask

They have three different types of mask. The pink and blue are with Hyaluronic acid and the orange one is with collagen.

I put this mask on about 2-3 times a week, although it recommends once or twice a week. (Your skin won’t say no to hydration!)

The package is super cute with a baby face on it! Makes you think that after you put on this mask you will have your skin soft and bouncy like a baby!

Best japanese sheet mask barrier repair

One box contains 5 sheets of individually packed mask.

The package recommends you to leave it on for 5-10 mins for normal skin and 15-20 mins for dry skin.

Every single one is packed with so much moisturizing serum (23ml) that after you take out the mask there are still quite some serum inside the package! If you don’t want to waste the serum left in there you can pour it out and use it on your body! I sometimes do that if I don’t feel lazy.

barrier repair mask

The material of the mask is very well made. Sometimes you put on a mask and it doesn’t stick to your face and it would fall down. But with this one? Never. It sticks to your face the entire 20 minutes and still remains very moisted by the end of the 20 minutes.


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